Tax efficient way of planning for retirement through your business

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Maximise your retirement benefits with an Executive Pension

These days, looking after your business takes so much time and effort that it's easy to overlook your own needs. However, one day you will retire. So making the time now to ensure that your pension allows you to retire in financial comfort will really pay off. As a proprietary director (owning or controlling at least 5% of your company's shares) you can maximise the potential of a pension by taking out an Executive Pension. This puts you in complete control of how and where your pension money is invested. What it also does is qualify for very generous tax reliefs, for you as an individual and for your business too.

Some of the advantages offered by an Executive Pension:

  • You will receive tax relief at your marginal rate on the contributions you make to your pension plan
  • Your business will be able to claim corporation tax relief on the contributions it makes to your pension plan
  • The contributions your company makes to your pension plan do not attract tax as a Benefit-in-Kind
  • You can choose to invest in Shares, Property, Deposits, Guaranteed Funds, Low Risk Funds or Absolute Return Funds
  • Growth of your pension fund is tax-free and you can take up to 25% of your pension pot as a tax-free lump sum when you retire
  • Your pension is fully protected from creditors or changes to your business or personal circumstances.

We can design an Executive Pension around your needs

There are many choices open to you with an Executive Pension. At NFP, we can help you choose from the full range of investment options so that you get an Executive Pension that fits your appetite for investment risk and reward. We will also ensure that you and your business get to enjoy all the tax advantages that an Executive Pension allows.

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