Let us guide you through a successful mortgage application?



Securing a mortgage is easier with us

These days, whether you're a first-time buyer or looking to trade up, securing a mortage is a lot harder than it has ever been. Not only will you now have to contribute a substantial deposit - typically 20% of the purchase price - but you will also have to meet a long list of lending criteria.

Fortunately, here at NFP, we have many years of experience of helping people like you secure approval for a first mortgage or a re-mortgage. We know exactly how to prepare your mortgage application and present your financial standing to give you the very best possible chance of mortgage approval.

Through our agency with Select Finance Group we have access to, and close working relationships with, the main mortgage lenders in the Irish market, including AIB, ICS, KBC Homeloans, Permanent TSB and Haven.

Specialist, fully-informed mortgage application advice and procedures, including:

  • We will help you ensure that you have all the relevant documentation and evidence of earnings in place before you make your application
  • We can accurately match your application, circumstances and needs to the best mortgage lender for you
  • We keep track of any changes in lending criteria, policies and mortgage products in the market, so that you benefit from the latest information.

We can help you secure the mortgage you want

An appointment with one of our impartial, professional financial advisers should be the very first step you take towards buying your first or next home.

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