Why you should invest your money


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Investing for growth - make your money work hard for you

If you really want your money to grow then you need to look beyond savings and deposits. Investing your money is a proven route to achieving many of your financial goals and ambitions, even if it does involve a certain amount of risk. Whether you are looking to invest a once-off lump sum or invest on a more regular basis, we can help you find your path to successful investing for the short, medium and long term.

We take a tried and tested approach to investment strategy

At NFP, we take a top-down approach to investing. This means that we look first at the macro-economic factors, such as interest and inflation rates as well as key indicators of economic growth for each geographic region. Only then do we recommend carefully selected and strategically diversified investments which fit our clients' attitude to risk and reward.

Our pro-active approach to successful investing includes:

  • An investment portfolio that is carefully matched to your attitude to risk and reward and designed to achieve the short, medium or long-term return you are looking for
  • Investment strategies that follow industry best practice in terms of asset allocation, diversification and correlation
  • We will only choose assets, sectors and territories which closely match your investor profile and ambitions
  • We will continuously monitor your investments to ensure that they continue to match your profile and performance expectations
  • We will keep you fully informed of how your investments are performing.

Successful investing starts with sound advice

If you are considering investing as a way to reach your financial goals, talk to us about the best way to get started. We can show you the options open to you and even introduce you to investment strategies and products you didn't know existed.

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