Income Protection.

What is income protection and why do I need it?


Income Protection - Real life story


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Could you live with an 80% drop in your income?

Your income pays for your home, your car, your energy bills, your food, your pastimes, leisure activities and your children's care and education. In other words, it pays for everything.

So imagine how your life would change if your income wasn't there. But that's the reality if an illness or injury leaves you unable to earn an income. Your employer's sick pay would run out within 6 months at the very most, and, if you're entitled to it, State Disability Benefit is barely enough for anyone to live on.

Protect your income - protect your lifestyle

Income Protection pays you a monthly sum of up to 75% of your normal income if any illness or injury prevents you from earning an income of your own

You will continue to receive this monthly sum until you return to work or reach retirement age

It's a flexible form of insurance with a range of very useful benefits

Your premiums qualify for tax relief at your marginal rate, making it very affordable

We can help you choose

Income Protection is offered by a number of providers in Ireland, each with its own range of services and benefits. We can help you get the right policy at the right price and, most importantly, complete peace of mind.


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