Group Insured Benefits.

How NFP can help you with your group insured benefits


Managing Group Insured Benefits can sometimes feel like a bit of a high-wire act. Because benefits such as Death-In-Service, Income Protection, Serious Illness Cover are unpredictable, this uncertainty can affect cash flow and business planning.

Our professional advice is based on years of experience in this specialised field. We can help you strike the perfect balance between the level of benefits provided and the associated risks. We can advise you on how much risk to self-insure and how much to insure through another party. Once the right level has been found, we will secure the best, most cost-effective cover.

  • We will regularly review the market to ensure your insurance remains competitive
  •  We can review the benefits to see if cost-efficiencies can be made
  •  If you have employees in other countries, we can explore the advantages of multinational pooling
  •  We will ensure that any move to another provider is completely seamless and with no loss of employee benefit levels
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