Cost of current accounts in Irish Banks

Please see a quick summary of the costs of running a current account in the Irish Banks.

KEEP a balance of at least €2,500 in your current account at all times. If you do not, you will be charged €4.50 a quarter, plus up to 39c for each transaction. Failing to pay a standing order costs €10.

Ulster Bank
Keep a balance of €3,000 in the account, or lodge at least €3,000 every month to avoid charges. Otherwise, there is a monthly maintenance charge of €4. The cost of not having the funds to pay a direct debit is €12.70.

Bank of Ireland
A quarterly charge of €5 is imposed for all except pensioners and students. On top of this, if you do not keep €3,000 in credit in the account you will be charged up to 40c a transaction. A bounced cheque costs €12.70.

Permanent TSB
Pay €1,500 into the account to avoid fees. Otherwise, there is a fee of €12 a quarter. There is a charge of €10 for a bounced cheque.

KBC Bank
No transaction fees if €2,000 is kept in the account. Otherwise, it costs 30c for processing a cheque. There is also a €6 fee per quarter that cannot be avoided. A charge of €5 is imposed for a bounced cheque

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