Health Insurance.

Health Insurance for fast access to high quality healthcare

Although Ireland's public health service has a good reputation, there is no doubt that the ability to get fast and easy access to professional, world class healthcare is well worth paying for.

Not only will Health Insurance cover you for fast-tracked treatment at some of the most advanced private facilities and hospitals in Europe, but you can also get cover for day-to-day medical expenses such as GP and dentist visits, physiotherapy, counselling and child-centred therapies.

However, no two plans from any of Ireland's Health Insurances providers are the same. Which means that choosing the right plan for your needs requires careful consideration.

We help make your Health Insurance choices clear and simple

This is where we at NFP can help. We'll take the guesswork out of choosing your Health Insurance plan by clearly and simply explaining each of the benefits and options to you. We can answer all your questions and then secure you the cover that perfectly fits you, your family and your budget. Even if you already have cover, we'll compare it against other providers to see if switching would save you money or provide better cover.

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When it comes to choosing Health Insurance, here are some things to look out for:

  • Cover for private accommodation in public hospitals does not mean you will always be quickly treated, so look for cover with some private hospital access.
  • Ensure that local hospitals are covered and that accommodation excesses don't apply.
  • Make sure that specific treatments such as radiotherapy, chemotherapy and orthopaedic are covered.
  • Chemotherapy, radiotherapy and colonoscopies account for up to 70% of all claims so check that you are covered for these day-case treatments.
  • Get covered for direct settlement MRI and CT scan centres close to you - there's no waiting and your insurer will pay them directly, so you don't have to.
  • Try to get cover for major cardiac procedures in Blackrock Clinic, Mater Private and Beacon Hospitals.
  • Ensure you get a low out-patient excess so that you can claim back more of the cost
  • Check the number of day-to-day visits to GPs, dentists and physios that are covered and how much you can claim for each visit.
  • Look out for other benefits such as health screening, maternity and children's services.
  • Consider the cover needs of each family member as an individual - you can choose different plans for each.

Whether you have a current health insurance provider or not we can assist you in providing the best possible cover for you and your family.

There is now more choice than ever before in the Irish Market and switching health insurance provider has never been easier. There is no break in cover, no new exclusions and no reserving of waiting periods if you are switching from an equivalent plan with your current health insurance provider to a new health insurance provider.

NFP advisors offer detailed comparisons and quotes for new customers to the health insurance market or existing customers who have health insurance already.

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