Health Insurance.

Protect and reward your staff with Group Health Insurance

One of the most attractive benefits any employer can offer their staff is access to
a Health Insurance Group Scheme. Not only will it assist in attracting the right
staff, but it also has an important role to play in staff motivation and retention.
Competition within the Irish Health Insurance market has never been more
intense. What's more, it’s now easier than ever to switch from one scheme to
another in search of the best products and services or price. If you're in business
you can start a Group Scheme with as little as one member and still avail of
Group discounts and benefits.

We can help you choose and arrange cover

We can work with you to select the provider and health plan that best suits your
needs in terms of the cover offered and the costs involved. Whatever you are
looking for we can help you decide and then, once we get details of your scheme
members, we can arrange cover almost immediately.

  • You can choose to offer the benefit to just staff members, staff members and their partners, or even to their whole families
  • You can select a starting date for your company scheme that suits the needs of your business
  • If you do not have existing cover then a waiting period will apply.

We offer a free audit on existing schemes

If you have an existing scheme in place, we provide a free scheme audit and,
where appropriate, we will then recommend an alternative arrangement that
would better suit your needs in terms of service, product or price.

  • If you are switching to an equivalent scheme there is usually no waiting period before the benefit applies
  • We can ensure that any transition to a new provider or plan is seamless and hassle-free.

Just call us today on 1890 467 467

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